XB1 The SRL Cup XB1 Tier 1 Announcement Thread

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Jun 19, 2017
The SRL Cup
XB1 2018

Welcome to the announcement of the beginning of the first ever SRL Cup!

24 drivers have signed up and they will be allocated into a similar format to the UEFA European Championships, as follows:

  • The first round will be the 24 drivers split into 6 groups of 4.
    • The top 2 will advance from the group, as well as the 4 best placed 3rd position teams to leave 16.
  • The tournament becomes a knockout tournament, with the numbers halving until we get to the final 2.
  • The semifinals and final will be 25% races, to increase the challenge at the latter stages.
As stated in the sign-up thread it is the driver's responsibility so please ensure that you do this, either in the general chat thread here or on Xbox Live/Social Media. Failure to attend will lead to exclusion from the tournament.

Standard racing rules apply in this tournament and if someone is found to be unsportsmanlike you may face a penalty/exclusion from the tournament at the coordinators' discretion.

Please ensure to keep up with your fixtures here and ensure to post the result in the relevant thread.

Good luck in your SRL Cup 2018 Journey!

- Bossly
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