The SRL Cup - Structure Information Thread

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Jun 19, 2017
The SRL Cup
2018 Structure Information

A new and exciting tournament is beginning here at SRL with best of 3 1v1 battles to decide ultimately, who is the fastest driver? This is run in a format similarly to the Football FIFA World Cup (more details below) with an element of randomness to decide who is up against who, and also what track/weather combination they face - on a weekly basis.

Here are the details:

  1. There are several divisions and sub-divisions. These are done to ensure as many people can get involved as possible. These divisions are:
    1. Xbox Pro division
    2. Xbox Assist division
    3. PS4 Pro division
    4. PS4 Assist Division
  2. This tournament will run in a group stage and knockout concept. Originally there will be 4 groups of 4 per division, with the top 2 from each group going through. This will be followed by the remaining 8 competing in a drawn quarter final, then the 4 winners will advance to the semi finals where the same occurs, until we get to the final 2 in each division, where the final race will occur and the champions of each division will be confirmed.
  3. Each game week will be run over one full week, and it will be the driver's responsibility to organize each game within the 7 days, if not then both drivers will either not score points or will be knocked out of the tournament. However if someone can prove that they have tried to contact their opponent then they will be given full points (other than fastest lap point), or put through to the next round.
  4. The group games will run on a system of:
    1. 1 point for each win in the best of 3.
    2. A point for the best fastest laps, with all 2 or 3 fastest laps combined.
  5. Lobby settings are as follows:
    1. Three 5 lap races at a track and weather combination.
    2. No SC, Equal cars, Strict "in-game" rules, Full Damage.
  6. Each 1v1 battle is a best of three event. The participants of each event (1v1), the circuit, and the weather settings are decided in a streamed draw which will take place before each round of the tournament. The draw will take place each week on Tuesdays at 8pm GMT after the tournament has begun.
  7. We are initially limiting this to 16 drivers per division. This allows for a tournament duration of 6 weeks with 3 group matches, quarter finals, semi finals, and a final.
  8. Any driver who leaves mid-tournament will default on their next match and their opponent for that round will automatically go through to the next round as long as the opponent has tried to organise the match, if they haven't then both drivers will be out of the tournament, and whoever would draw them in the next round will automatically win that game.
  9. The semi-finals and/or final may be run at a longer distance (increased from 5 laps). However, this is TBC and will be decided and communicated as the tournament progresses.
  10. The pro division will be strictly racing line only, whilst the assist divisions will allow all assists.
If you have any questions then feel free to contact anyone below:

Xbox - @BosslyGaming and @antivebeacon
PS4 - @99Pipmatt and @seajamiet

  • Assists:
    • Pro Divisions - Racing Line Only
    • Assist Divisions - All assists except braking & pit assists
The League Rules can be found on the following links:

- League Rules

Good luck for your 2018 SRL Cup journey!
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