XB1 SRL S4 Oceanic Xbox F1 League Bahrain

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Mar 22, 2019
  • Console and Tier: ( XB1 F1)
  • Coordinator: (@WARDENN99 )
  • Date of Incident: (19/04/19)
  • Member(s) Involved: (@ThatLaggyPerson )
  • Description of Incident: (I have a capture to share, Turn 8 of bahrain lap 1, on my screen he was clear ahead apart from each other and had a gap between, then he moved across with still a gap on the exit of the corner and he spun, without any contact on my screen, resulting with myself receiving a 5 second stop go penalty in the pits which i served.) ( Another was where i was behind @ThatLaggyPerson and i fell through the race track at turn 10 i believe and cost me 3+ seconds. Hoping this can be removed off my time if evident and resonable)
  • Evidence of Incident: (I have captures for both incidents, they will not download to thread but i am happy to share them on the Xbox platform)
Not open for further replies.