SRL PS4 Project CARS 2 Asia-Pacific V8 Supercar league- Round 4 Ruapuna Park GP

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Jason Wilkinson

Staff member
Dec 7, 2017

With kartdude becoming our second dual winner for the season last time out in Zhuhai, he is now 31 points behind the championship leader, formula1roks. This week we travel to New Zealand for the 3rd supersprint round at Ruapuna Park GP, this is the home race for inform Team Kiwi driver Nemo9n who will be looking to make it 3 podiums in a row! With Andy/waffles/womp and compact having connection problems last week, they’ll be looking forward to taking New Zealand by the scruff of the neck and getting a great result.

Race settings
8pm- 10 minute qualifying
8:10-15 lap race (14:00)
5 minute break
10 minute qualifying
15 lap race (16:00)
Race date- 1/9/2018 (spring)
Apr 3, 2018
So the Ruapuna 110 super sprint has come and gone. Here's a snapshot of it.

Race 1:
With Formula1roks on pole, the drivers line up for the start of the race.

Our not-so-intrepid photographer Womp83 gets caught with a wheel on the grass at the approach to turn 1 and ends up spinning, nearly getting cleaned up by Mickysr33 in the process.

After having an off, Andyholdenv8 inadvertently hits Compact9123 as he re-joins, sending him skidding into the tyre barrier of the flag marshal box.

Fubbles888, RHINO11_JONES and Wrighty4485 all ran together for a couple of laps..

until Rhino accidentally tagged Fubbles in a corner, handing Wrighty an easy 2 places.

And in the end, Formula1roks bought home the win.

Race 2:
Drivers line up for the start of the second race. Formula1roks once again sharing the front row with Kartdude45.

An incident at the hairpin on lap 1 sees multiple drivers out in the weeds.

HSVDT_15 overcooks it coming out of the final turn, and starts lap 2 with a spin.

Waffles_n_Bits and RHINO11_JONES had a great battle for a number of laps.

Formula1roks suffers a technical issue in the final corner, and somehow ended up on the PS4 home screen. As a result, Kartdude45 slipped by to take the lead.

But Kartdude was forced to slow down to avoid 2 corner cut penalties, and Formula1roks caught up and passed him to make it 2 from 2.