SRL PS4 Project CARS 2 Asia-Pacific Leagues- Round 3 Zhuhai GP

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Jason Wilkinson

Staff member
Dec 7, 2017
With not only a new winner for the season in kartdude, we had a new winner in the project cars 2 SRL league thanks to fubbles!
With kartdude looking the form man in willow springs getting 2 poles and 1 win before disconnecting in race 2, he’ll be looking forward to this weeks race at Zhuhai as we travel across to the first SRL Chinese round.
Zhuhai is a great track for overtaking, combining the slow speed/traction zones of long beach, and the fast sweepers of willow springs accompanied by a longer race and a mandatory pit stop, it should be a cracker!

Race settings-
Qualifying- 20 minutes
Race- 21 laps
Mandatory pit stop on
Headlights on during qualy
Race time- 5pm (17:00)
Race date-15/4/17 (spring)
Apr 3, 2018
Apologies to everybody who follows our mis-adventures, but there won't be any race photos from round 3 at Zhuhai.

Before our race was due to start, the P-Cars 2 servers decided to shit themselves (then i accidentally stepped in it, so i wasn't very happy). Nobody was able to set up an online room. Eventually the servers regained control of their inner workings, and we were able to start a lobby.
Long story short, i got booted from the session for the 3rd or 4th time just after the race started, and a handful of our other players were all booted as well. So i wasn't able to save the race replay to get any photos.

Hopefully next week will.. no, i won't say that. Knowing my luck, i'll jinx us.