SRL PS4 Project CARS 2 Asia-Pacific Leagues Round 2- Long Beach

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Jason Wilkinson

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Dec 7, 2017

Another great start to the season for formula1roks making it 3 round 1 wins from 3 seasons! Imola was a hard fort victory however thanks to nigegunz who was on his gearbox for the first half of the race. Unfortunately an incident cost the battle and had nige ending up in p10. Kartdude had a fairly lonely race and will hope to have a bit more pace this week at Long Beach to fight for the win.
Speaking of Long Beach, it’s round 2 time! The first street circuit we visit and the first of 2 supersprints of the season.
The tricky track and concrete walls will test the drivers out more than ever before with one slight brush of the wall could mean disaster, as the short 20 minute race means any mistakes will be hard to make back up. Will F1roks make it 5 wins from 5 starts at long beach? Or will the likes of nigegunz, kartdude, wrighty, HSV or any of our other SRL drivers take the Long Beach crown away from him?
Tune in Thursday 8pm to find out!

Race settings-
Race date- 9/4/17 (spring)
Two 10 minute qualifying sessions
Two 14 lap races.
Race 1 time- 17:00
Race 2 time- 18:00 x2
Damage- performance impacting
Fuel- on
Tyre wear- accelerated
Mandatory pit stop

Tier 2 settings-
- all the same besides:
Tyre wear- normal
Lobby at 7:45pm.
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Apr 3, 2018
Well it's that time again. Round 2 @ Long Beach has come and gone. Here's a snapshot of some stuff that happened.

With Formula1roks starting from pole, the drivers are keenly anticipating the start. Some a little more than others..

Now, i've watched this bit multiple times, and i still have no idea what actually happened. So i'll do my best to explain it in a way we can understand.
3 drivers jumped the start which caused a bit of confusion and cars were quickly spread out across the track. Truss1984 (in the yellow #64 Corvette) had cars closing in on either side of him.
Nobody actually touched Truss, all i can say is it was some kind of glitch or possibly even a tiny bit of lag. Cause next thing Truss' car kicked to the side, and he was sliding along the main straight towards the wall. Resulting in what you see here. It was a mess. Multiple drivers ended up pitting on lap 2 for repairs, some eventually retiring.

Wrighty4485 and Nigegunz get tangled after Wrighty runs wide, clips the tyre barrier and has a spin.

In a bizarre first, Womp83 finds himself chasing down Nigegunz for position. But only because Nige had a bent car (as i later discovered, but kinda had a feeling at the time) Otherwise Nigegunz would be waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of young Womp. Cause i'm better at taking photos than actually racing..

HSVDT_15 runs wide and brushes the wall, allowing V8man51 to slip past.

In the shadows of the final turn, on the final lap, Fubbles888 gets robbed of 2 positions. Subgtracer and Waffles_n_Bits are still at large..

And as the sun sets in the background, making for a really nice photo, Formula1roks takes the win for race 1.

There's no photos from race 2, because screw race 2, that's why. (I actually got booted from the lobby after a few laps and was unable to save the replay) Race 2 at Long Beach and Womp have a bad history with each other. Same thing happened last season. Jase, no Long Beach for next season, ok?

Formula1roks won race 2 btw. Who's going to stop him? Seriously, i'm getting sick of posting pictures of him winning all the time, hahaha.
Next round, our drivers head East to Sakitto.