SRL PS4 Project CARS 2 Asia-Pacific Leagues- Round 1 Imola GP

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Jason Wilkinson

Staff member
Dec 7, 2017
Here we go. The much anticipated season 3 is about to get underway!

New drivers, 2 tiers, new teams and a new commentator, season 3 is shaping up to be better than ever.
Our season 1 and season 2 champs are back, our unluckiest driver of S1 and S2 is back along with all of the season 2 guys.
We have a fair few new faces who will be competing in tier 2 as they look to stay sharp for their call up to tier 1.
The drivers will tackle the tricky and fast Imola circuit, which not only has a mix of high and low speed corners but some aggressive kerbs which to achieve a fast lap time need to be used, use to much and you’ll spin or get everyone’s favourite slow down penalties.

Race settings-
8pm- 15 minute Qualy
20 lap race
Race date- 22/4/18 (spring)
Race time- 4pm (16:00)
Mandatory pit stop
Damage- performance impacting
Fuel- on
Tyre wear- accelerated
Realistic assists

Tier 2 settings.
7:45pm- qualy
Settings the same besides:
Tyre wear- normal
Traction & ABS allowed.

Live stream for tier 1 at 8pm on the kidbyers channel.
Apr 3, 2018
So after 2 full seasons, we're back for a third! And there was much rejoicing. "yay.."
And you know what that means.. The return of the official SRL Project Cars 2 GTE Photographer™©. Me.
Right, let's do this. Here's some shots from round 1 at Imola.

Our drivers lined up in new cars and ready for the start of a new season. And Formula1roks back to his old ways, taking first pole position for the season. I've just gotten fresh information that the grid box lines were re-painted during the outlap for whatever reason, which caught a lot of the drivers out.

Nemo9n gives ex-commentator Jasonwilkinson a serve..

Womp83 locks up and tags the side of Mightymurph51

Wrighty4485 has a moment in a corner that would later bring a lot of drivers undone.

Mickysr33 has a spin after dropping a wheel off the track

Mightymurph51 makes a pass on V8man51 for position

Nemo9n is forced to retire due to damage

And Formula1roks wins the first race for the season. Who's going to stop him?

Next week we head to everyone's favourite beach, Long.