SRL Project CARS 2 Asia-Pacific V8 Supercar League Round 9- Road America

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Jason Wilkinson

Staff member
Dec 7, 2017
Its time for our second American leg to come to an end as we head to the very fast Road America circuit for the penultimate round of season 2. It has again tightened up at the top with only 19 points between kartdude and F1roks, but kartdude has got stuck at Laguna Seca signing autographs and might not be in Road America in time for the race!
It’s not just the top spot that’s up for grabs, P3-P6 is still a fight between fubbles, V8man, waffles and hsv.
Tune in 8pm AEST Thursday night on the kidbyers channel!

Race settings-
Race date- 27/4/18
Race time- 7pm (19:00)
Qualy- 20 minutes
Laps- 20
Mandatory pit stop
Apr 3, 2018
And so the Road America evening race is now gone, but not forgotten. (except if you're Kartdude45, but i'll get to that later)

Drivers line up, with Formula1roks on pole and Kartdude45 next door.

Waffles_n_Bits and Wrighty4485 get caught up in the usual turn 1 shenanigans.

Our favourite photographer Womp83 runs wide at The Kink on lap 1, and spins.

HSVDT_15 nudges V8man51 under brakes, unaware of what Compact9123 and Wrighty4485 are doing behind them. As a result, Wrighty hits the fence and both he and V8man end up facing the wrong way at turn 12.

HSVDT_15 slips past Compact9123 at the first corner to take 3rd, but he runs wide, letting Compact regain 3rd place.

Fubbles888 out-brakes himself going for the inside line at turn 5 and trips over Compact9123 in the process.

Kartdude45 and Formula1roks had a good scrap for the lead.

Wrighty4485 and V8man51 also had a good battle.

And Mickysr33 and Womp83 were down the back, fighting for leftovers.

But after a long evening, Formula1roks picks up another win. Sadly, Kartdude45 ran out of fuel on the final lap, and was forced to retire.