SRL Project CARS 2 Asia-Pacific V8 Supercar league Round 7- Dubai Autodrome

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Jason Wilkinson

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Dec 7, 2017
We have a new championship leader! Kartdude had a 50 point swing around to now lead formula1roks by 15 points! Wrighty and hsv having an epic last lap battle in race 1 and fubbles holding off V8man and nemo for P2 in race 2.
We head over to Dubai for what should not only be a hot race for the cars but also a hot race for battles! With a mandatory pit stop and long corners we might see an element of strategy aswell!
Tune into the stream live on the kidbyers channel at 8pm AEDT Thursday!

Race settings-
Qualy- 20 minutes
Race- 24 laps
Race date- 1/3/18 (spring)
Race time- 20:00 (8pm)
Mandatory pit stop
Weather.. Hot-
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Apr 3, 2018
Apologies these are late. I've been having issues where the game crashes while i'm going through the replay to get photos.

So here's the race photos for the.. Did we settle on a name for this race?
The Dubai Night Race.

Drivers line up under lights once again, with Formula1roks and Kartdude45 sharing the front row.

Formula1roks and Kartdude45 come together right at the start of the race, setting off a chain of events.

Resulting in V8man51, Fubbles888 and Wrighty4485 going into the wall, and Nemo9n having an impressive roll after getting collected by Compact9123.

Formula1roks makes a rare judgement error and tangles with Mickysr33.

Wrighty4485 misses his braking marker and accidentally takes out his own team mate, Hecker-Koch.

Compact9123 gets unsettled by the kerb, and gets tagged by Waffles_n_Bits.

While leading the race, Formula1roks runs out of juice on the final corner of the final lap.

And his team mate V8man51 crosses the line for his first win of the season.