SRL Project CARS 2 Asia-Pacific V8 Supercar League Round 10- Bathurst

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Jason Wilkinson

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Dec 7, 2017
All good things come to an end.. and unfortunately season 2 is in its last race but the positive notes are it’s only 2 points between the championship contenders with formula1roks taking back the lead from kartdude AND it’s a race at Bathurst with a shootout which will shake up the grid! Who will take the final win of the season? Wrighty was our season 1 Bathurst winner will he have what it takes to go back to back? Will the likes of waffles, hsv, Andy or mightymurph break through for a win? Who will get third in the championship? All these questions will be answered Thursday live on the kidbyers YouTube channel!

Race settings
Qualy- 8pm-9pm- shootout- reverse championship order.
9pm- Race- 22 laps
Race date- 7/10/18
Race time- 4pm (16:00)
Mandatory pit stop
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Apr 3, 2018
Well, the SRL Project Cars 2 APAC V8 Supercar league series finale is all over.
Here's what went down.

As always, the shootout qualifying format provided a bit of a shake-up in the starting order. But after joining the qualy session in the dying minutes, Formula1roks goes and sticks the car on pole, with sparring partner Kartdude45 once again joining him up front.

Compact9123 has a spin at the first corner, leaving Hecker-Koch with nowhere to go but into him. This starts a domino effect with Hecker's car rebounding into V8man51, who in turn rebounded into Womp83 (me), leaving my car stopped against the wall.

Formula1roks leads the pack across Skyline..

Kartdude45 has a battle with the tyre wall at turn 2, and loses. Allowing Formula1roks to pull away.

Andyholdenv8, HSVDT_15, Fubbles888 and Mightymurph51 found themselves all running together..

until Andyholdenv8 had a moment and ran wide at the Chase, dropping from 3rd to 5th.

Compact9123 and Womp83 had a drag race down Conrod Straight..

Andyholdenv8 accidentally tags his team mate, Waffles_n_Bits, at turn 1.

V8man51 hits the inside wall at the Cutting, which sends his car into Mightymurph51. Resulting in Mightymurph51 going ass over head.

Andyholdenv8 slaps the wall across the top of the mountain, and V8man51 slips past him.

Fubbles888 is the first one to flinch, and dives into the pits for tyres. Waffles_n_Bits follows.

Fubbles888 re-joins among traffic, in a 'Wompact' sandwich to be precise (good one Jase, some of your best work, hahaha ). And tangles with Compact9123 at turn 2.

Formula1roks clips the kerb at the Chase in the final few laps, and spins onto the grass. Officially handing Kartdude45 the championship win.

And Kartdude45 takes out the final race of the season.
Apr 3, 2018
Big thanks to everyone who took part this season.
Drivers were:





Hecker-Koch (who changed teams mid-season)








Drivers unable to make the final race were: Nemo9n (my team mate) and Wrighty4485 (Hecker's team mate)

Honourable (dis-honourable? lol) mentions to HarryRyan19, Latecx, Robdog_1996, Nigegunz, Tooley52 and Rhino11_Jones. Who all left us before the end of the season.

And of course, the race streams would be pretty average without the vocal stylings of our two commentators, JasonWilkinson and Kidbyers.

Now it's time for me to take a well deserved break. Hope to see everyone return for season 3.
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