SRL Project CARS 2 Asia-Pacific RULES.

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Jason Wilkinson

Staff member
Dec 7, 2017
1. Overtaking-
When overtaking another car, minimal contact is allowed, meaning a slight push off the racing line or squeezing a car wide is allowed as long as you don’t push them off the track or into a wall. If you need more clarification on the rule look up V8 Supercars as those are the style of rules we are using.
Lap 1 incidents will receive harsher penalties, due to no damage in this league a harsh penalty is the only option to avoid big divebombs/crashes.

2. Readressing- If contact is made with another driver or they get forced off the track, the driver at fault will have to give back the position as quickly and safely as possible but before the point of the accident a lap later. (Eg. driver A try’s to pass driver B at long beach turn 2, makes contact and driver B ends up in the wall, driver A will have to be back behind before Turn 2 the next lap.)

3. Qualifying- headlights ON when on a flying lap, if a driver doesn’t have their lights on and gets blocked, bad luck. If the driver does have lights on and gets blocked, the blocker will receive a post race points penalty depending on severity.

4. Penalties- There are 3 stewards, penalties can arrange from a reprimand (3 reprimands=qualy ban) to championship points penalties.

5. Blocking- One move off the racing line, once a driver has moved off the racing line he can come back to it but as long as he doesn’t force the driver trying to overtake him off track or into a wall, racing room is always required, so no big squeezes.

6. Rejoining track- If a driver goes off track/down an escape route, it’s on them to rejoin as safely as possible, even if that means coming to a stop off the track and waiting for a gap. If a driver flys back on track and makes contact with another driver there will be an automatic reprimand.

7. Dangerous driving- Never under any circumstances shall a driver a) drive backwards b) slow down and wait for another driver to lap them and intentionally try/take them out or c) start an arguement in the group chat, all have serious consequences.

8. Lobby start- 8pm AEST exactly is start time. If a driver isn’t in by then without letting the group know they will be late will have to miss out. If for whatever reason you are running more than 10 minutes late, make sure you message Jason or the group and let them know. If needed you can join during qualy.

9. Blue flags- common sense, if a driver is a lap down, watch the mirrors and track map to know when other drivers are trying to lap you, if you get in their way you will automatically receive a reprimand.

10. Steward reviews- for any investigation there will need to be video evidence, either the stream or the own save replay feature is valid. If the incident isn’t on the stream and the driver forgot to save the replay or save the video clip using the PS4 then bad luck.
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