SRL Project CARS 2 Asia-Pacific Leagues V8 Supercar Sign up thread (Season 2)

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Jason Wilkinson

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Dec 7, 2017

The Project CARS 2 V8 Supercar league taking place Thursday nights 8pm AEST.

Cars- V8 Supercar

Rules- tyre wear ON
-Fuel ON
-Damage- visual
-All assists allowed
-In game rules set to ON besides drive through penalties.
-Manual pit will be on, meaning the driver will have complete control of the car in the pit lane.

Weather- we will be using the ‘real life’ weather at the time of the lobby.

Format- Normal rounds- 20 minute qualy then the race. Mandatory pit stop for these rounds.
Supersprint rounds- 10 minute qualy then race 1 that will be around 20 minutes, Restart lobby then repeat for race 2.
-There will be an optional 1 hour practice session from 6:45pm- 7:45pm AEST then a new lobby will be made for the main lobby.

Points- Formula one style points: 1st-25 2nd-18 3rd-15 down to 10th-1 point

Teams- choose a team mate and team name that you want to race the season with, only requirement is that you use the same livery (different number)

Livestream- Each round will be live-streamed again with commentators kidbyers and Jason.

Rounds- Below is the round/date/track/laps We have two twilight races which are long beach and Dubai Autodrome .

Practice round (7th June)- Monza 18 laps
Round 2 (14/6)- COTA National 10lapsx2
Live stream test (21/6) Long beach 30 minute session.

R1- (28/6) Long beach (SS) 15 lapsx2
R2- (5/7) Willow springs (SS) 16 lapsx2
R3- (12/7) zhuhai GP 21 laps
R4- (19/7) Ruapuna GP (SS) 15 lapsx2
R5- (26/7) Brno GP 20 laps
R6-(2/8) Nurburgring sprint (SS)12 lapsx2
R7- (9/8) Dubai International 24 laps
R8- (16/8) Laguna seca (SS) 14 lapsx2
R9- (23/8) Road America 20 laps
R10- (30/8) Bathurst 22 laps

SS= Supesprint round

Sign-up process
Signing up means you have read the above, and agree to abide by league rules, and you will be able to attend the majority of races for the season at the specified time.

Please respond to this thread with the following:

* Your PSN name
* This is the username you use to sign-in to PlayStation Network
* Team mate and team name
* Nationality
* We welcome everyone who lives in the Asia-Pacific region. People outside APAC can not race in this tier.
* Confirmation that you can attend every race
* If not, which can you not attend (if you can specify). If more than three, we'd recommend signing up to be a reserve driver.
* Twitter handle/username
* Twitter is not mandatory but is used as the social media platform of choice for fellow league racers.

1. v8MAN51
2. Formula1roks
3. Kartdude45
4. Womp83
5. Nemo9n
6. Latecx
7. Nigegunz
8. Fubbles888
9. Wrighty4485
10. Hecker-Koch
11. Andyholdenv8
12. Compact9123
13. Mickysr33
14. Waffle_n_Bits
15. Tooley52

1. Shake n Bake (V8man & f1roks)
2. Team Aussie racing (compact & micky)
3. Team Kiwi Racing (Womp & nemo)
4. Sakume racing (latecx & hecker)
5. 2 Gunz Racing (Nigegunz & fubbles)
6. Lumensi Racing(Andy& waffle)
7. Mad Dog Racing (wrighty & RHINO)
8. Sodi Motorsport (kartdude & tooley)
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Apr 3, 2018
Your PSN name: Womp83
Team mate: Nemo9n
Team name: TKR Team Kiwi Racing
Nationality: Australian
Confirmation that you can attend every race: Yes
Twitter handle/username: N/A
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SRL Coordinator
Staff member
Nov 29, 2017
Your PSN name: Kartdude45
Team mate: TBC
team name:TBC
Nationality Tasmanian
Confirmation that you can attend every race: yes
Twitter handle/username:NA
May 8, 2018
Brand new to this forum but keen on entering this season...
Nationality - Australian
Team/name - ???
Availability - Every round (at this stage)
Jun 13, 2018
PSN: Seb-Flo-Res
Team Mate And Team Name: Team Mate (N/A) Team Name ( Seb Sport )
Nationality: Australian
Can Attend Every Race: Yes
Twitter: ( N/A )

Im Very Keen To Get Racing.