SRL Project CARS 2 Asia-Pacific Leagues Round 9- Oschersleben GP

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Jason Wilkinson

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Dec 7, 2017

What an epic race it was last week at Algarve for 4th place, at one stage there were 5 cars nose to tail! But it was truss who finally broke through for his first win in SRL and he did it in style, winning by over 10 seconds!
From Portugal last week to Germany this week where the drivers will be tackling the very tough Oschersleben GP circuit for what should be a nail biting race, overtaking can be tricky here so the drivers who don’t make a mistake will be the ones on the podium!

Tune in 8pm AEDT Thursday!

Race settings-
Race date- 26/4/18 (default date)
Race time- 13:00
Qualy- 15 minutes
Race- 25 laps
Tyre wear- accelerated
Apr 3, 2018
Well, the un-named Oschersleben race has run it's course. Fan favourite Kartdude45, sadly, was unable to make the race. Possibly because he was away, i'm not 100% sure. I'll get back to you on that.. (Yes, Kartdude45 was on holiday) #kartdudenationvacation

Drivers take to the grid once again, with Formula1roks starting on pole, once again.

Andyholdenv8 has a spin and ends up on the grass, while Mickysr33 has a moment at the same corner and runs out wide.

The pack storms through the Schikane on the opening lap..

Andyholdenv8 and Womp83 almost make it a double at the Triple..

Nemo9n has a spin and narrowly avoids the fence.

Subgtracer muscles his way past Jasonwilkinson for position, while Fubbles888 gets out of shape in the background and runs off into the gravel.

Formula1roks clips the kerb at turn 1 and has a spin, handing the lead to Subgtracer.

Womp83 runs wide and has a spin while chasing down Nemo9n for position.

2 of our drivers tangle and end up in the gravel trap. It led to a big argument post race, and i don't want to open that can of worms again. They know who they are, lol.

And after 25 laps and a few pit stops, Subgtracer takes his first win for the season.

Next round, we head to the famous Indy road course.
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