SRL Project CARS 2 Asia-Pacific Leagues Round 8- Algarve GP

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Jason Wilkinson

Staff member
Dec 7, 2017

Well what more could you say about Le Mans? We had a battle between to old rivals, a dramatic finish and more than 5 words from formula1roks in his post race interview!

Of course the rivalry we are talking about is that of season 1 champ V8man and the new kid on the block Smokey who had a coming together last week.. in other news, fubbles got his first podium of the season!

Onto Algarve this week for what should be Criss cross city and hopefully not crash crash city! Tune in 8pm AEDT Thursday!

Race settings-
Race date- 1/9/19 (autumn)
Race time- 19:00 x2 progression
Qualy- 15 minutes
Race- 21 laps
Tyre wear- accelerated
Apr 3, 2018
Yes, the Portugese Chicken 185 from the awesome Algarve circuit has flown the coop. Here's a quick pictorial overview.

Drivers line up under lights with Truss1984 starting from pole. Kartdude45 made the decision to give himself a penalty after the events of the previous round, and sat out the qualifying session. Choosing to keep Womp company, and start from the back of the grid instead.

And for only the second time this season, (or possibly ever) our drivers all had a clean run through the first few corners.

Womp83 gets unsettled by the kerb and has a spin on the first lap, ruining what could've been a decent race for him. I won't mention the other spins i had later on that would've also done the same job..

Andyholdenv8 has a tail out moment through turn 1, and punches some cones as he recovers..

Subgtracer makes an early move on Andyholdenv8 to take 6th place.

Subgtracer tangles with V8man51 a few laps later.

Wrighty4485 has a spin and recovers from it quite nicely. Shame he was all by himself and no-one was around to see it.

L to R: Fubbles888, Womp83, Waffles_n_Bits.

Front to back: Smokey085, Waffles_n_Bits, Mightymurph51, Fubbles888, Subgtracer.

Subgtracer, hungry for more points, takes a place off Jasonwilkinson late in the race.

And as darkness sets in, Truss1984 takes his first win for the season. Someone finally did it, someone beat Formula1roks without disconnects or penalties playing a part.

Next round, we head to.. Oschersleben? Really? Ok.