SRL Project CARS 2 Asia-Pacific Leagues Round 7- Le Mans

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Jason Wilkinson

Staff member
Dec 7, 2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Yes we are back after our two week break, the drivers may be all well rested and ready for the second half of the season but with Le Mans up this week some drivers have been putting in the hard work since the end of Monaco!
Yes you read that correctly, the full Le Mans circuit is the one we’ll be tackling this week, with 12 laps of the world famous track, which should go for an hour making it the second Enduro.
Twilight conditions and a cool track meaning the hards won’t be at their best which will bring strategy and the soft tyres into the race.
Tune in at 8pm Thursday to find out who will be crowned the Le Mans champ!

Race settings-
Race date- 16/6/18 (default date)
Race time- 21:00
Qualy- 20 mins
Race- 12 laps
Mandatory pit stop
Apr 3, 2018
So, after our drivers and commentators had some time off over Christmas and New Year's, we're back in action.
And what a track to come back to than LeMans itself, the world famous Sarthe Circuit.

As the sun sets at LeMans, Formula1roks adds another pole start to his list.

Following Micky and Womp's lead from the previous round, Andyholdenv8 (top) and Waffles_n_Bits (bottom) both showed up in new cars.
I'm guessing that development problems among other things led to an early termination of their Ford Customer Racing contracts, and Ferrari Customer Racing stepped in to provide them with cars for the rest of the season.

HSVDT_15 gets caught with a wheel off the track at the first turn, and spins, tagging Andyholdenv8 in the process.

New Zealand locals Mightymurph51 and Nemo9n both have a spin coming into the first Mulsanne chicane, with Womp83 following soon after. As well as a few other drivers doing their best to avoid the mess. I'm guessing there was oil on the track, even though such a thing isn't even possible in this game.

Smokey085 and V8man51 tangle at the start of Mulsanne, and take each other out. Waffles_n_Bits was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and got caught up in the incident.

Kartdude45 and Formula1roks had a close battle for most of the race..

While attempting a DIY approach to straightening a bent car, Womp83 spins and loses his wing.

And at the end of a tough race, Formula1roks takes the win, with Kartdude45 in 2nd place.
There was 2 incidents between Kartdude45 and Formula1roks on the final lap. I can't actually show you what happened due to performance limitations imposed on the console version of the game, which meant i didn't get the entire race when i saved the replay. (I really hope SMS sort that out for Project Cars 3..) As a result of the incidents, both drivers were given post race penalties. And that elevated none other than Jasonwilkinson into 1st place, giving him his first win for the season.

Next round, we head to.. uh..
*searches through notes* "it's here somewhere, i know it is.. Ah!"
..we head to Algarve.
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