SRL Project CARS 2 Asia-Pacific Leagues Round 6- Monaco GP

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Jason Wilkinson

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Dec 7, 2017

It was another familiar name back at the top in Donnginton with F1roks making amends of his disconnect last week to make it 5 wins from 6 races. Seriously can anyone stop him? It was another race where he wasn’t the fastest but was the only driver in the top 3 to not make a mistake.
Truss set the world record time in qualy and will be looking to do that again this week as we head over to Monaco for our second and final supersprint!
It’s a track loved by some and despised by most, wrighty will be looking to get his second win in SRL as he has said Monaco is one of his favourite tracks!
Tune in 8pm Thursday for what should be a cracker of a race!

Race date- 6/5/17 (spring)
Race 1 time- 17:00
Race 2 time- 19:00
Qualy 10 minutes x2
Race- 11 laps
Apr 3, 2018
Well, Monaco.. Supersprint.. I don't think i need to say much more, other than let's go.

Race 1:

With Formula1roks on pole, our drivers line up on the famous start grid that appeared to be missing grid place markings, and prepared themselves as best they could. Kartdude45 and Subgtracer continue to run identical numbered liveries, so their plan must be working.

The biggest talking point of the race that wasn't even a talking point at all, was Mickysr33 and Womp83 turning up in new cars.
Development problems among other things forced an early termination of their contract with Porsche Customer Racing, and Chevrolet came to the rescue by providing them with cars for the rest of the season.

Formula1roks clips the wall before the tunnel, and spins. This sets off a huge pileup..

By the time Mickysr33 and Womp83 arrive on scene, the track is blocked. I counted about 6 wings on the track. 5 Ford and 1 Chevrolet.
Kartdude45 and V8man51 both managed to slip through and avoid the chaos.

Womp83 gets grabbed by the fence at the hairpin and also gets tagged by Fubbles888.

V8man51 and Subgtracer had a scrap for a couple of laps..

Fubbles888 and Wrighty4485

And it was Kartdude45 picking up the win in race 1. Needless to say, the Kartdude nation went wild.

Race 2:

Fresh from a win in race 1, Kartdude45 goes and puts his car on pole to start the second race.

Wrighty4485 has a moment with the fence, and as he recovers, clips V8man51 and sends him into a slide. He manages to recover from it, but not before kissing the fence himself.

HSVDT_15 has a spin at turn 1 and finds himself facing the wrong way as Andyholdenv8 rounds the bend..

Truss1984 grazes the fence lightly, but it did enough damage that he was forced to retire on lap 5.

Mightymurph51 gains a place over V8man51 through the tunnel.

Team mates Womp83 and Mickysr33 had a bit of a scrap for 10th place down the back of the field..

Nemo9n finds himself in a familiar position after having a spin out of the swimming pool chicane, and getting collected by his team mate, Fubbles888.

And Formula1roks also finds himself in a familiar position, taking the win in race 2, with Subgtracer very close behind him.

Drivers and commentators will now hopefully enjoy a well earned mid-season break, before we return in a few weeks for round 7 at the world famous Sarthe Circuit at LeMans.
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