SRL Project CARS 2 Asia-Pacific Leagues Round 5- Donnington GP

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Jason Wilkinson

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Dec 7, 2017

With our first Enduro done and dusted, it was Waffles who takes the win at Spa! With many drivers getting caught up in a lap 1 incident, waffles managed to sneak his way from 11th up to 5th place by the end of lap 1, which with a good pit stop let him claw his way up to 1st, but after a tense battle with F1roks who sadly disconnected from the lead, means waffles takes a win!
We head over to Donnington this week for what should be a very intense race, with waffles looking quick in the pre season testing here, he’ll be hoping to make it two in a row, but with kartdude, hsv and mightymurph not having the best race last week they’ll be looking to get a good result, also with kartdudes teammate subgt returning this week, he’ll be looking to get back to his Long Beach form.

Race settings:
Race date- 31/7/17 (summer)
Race time- 16:00
Qualy- 15 minutes
Race- 25 laps
Apr 3, 2018
And so round 5 @ Donnington has been and gone. And i'm running out of things to say at the start of these.
So grab a warm beer and sit back.

Impressive newcomer Truss1984 gets his first pole position, and starts on the front row as a reward. For some reason, Sodi Motorsports decided to run both Kartdude45 and Subgtracer with identical numbers and liveries. Maybe it was a tactical move to confuse race stewards..

In an SRL Project Cars 2 APAC League first, everybody made it through turn 1 cleanly! And there was much rejoicing. "yay.."

But a few corners later, we were back to our old ways. Andyholdenv8 tags Nemo9n under brakes and ends up spinning himself, which left Mickysr33 in the wrong place at the wrong time..

Womp83 puts a wheel on the grass and has a spin at his favourite corner. I joke, it's not my favourite corner. Hell, it's not even my favourite track.

Jasonwilkinson aka Wilko, in a great show of sportsmanship, decides to let V8man51 and Waffles_n_Bits go past. But he covered it up by making it look like he braked too late and ran wide..

Subgtracer makes an outside then an inside pass on Smokey085 for position. Or maybe it was Kartdude45 who made the pass.. No, pretty sure it was Sub.

Womp83 puts a wheel on the grass and has another spin at.. his.. favourite... cor.. i'm sure i've already said this. Who's proofreading these things?
oh wait, that's my job.. :rolleyes:

Truss1984 has a moment late in the race and spins from 2nd place, letting Kartdude45 slip by. (technically it was 3rd, but V8man51 was yet to pit)

And at the end of 25 laps, Formula1roks walked away with another win.

Next round, will be the most legen-wait for it-dary race ever. Monaco. Oh it'll be good. I'm taking like 7 extra front bumpers with me, and 5 extra wings.
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