SRL Project CARS 2 Asia-Pacific Leagues Round 5- Brno GP

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Jason Wilkinson

Staff member
Dec 7, 2017

After another titanic battle between kartdude and formula1roks for the win last week and a last ditch effort from fubbles to take a podium away from wrighty, we move on from Ruapuna and head over to the world famous Brno GP circuit.
With fast flowing corners and a fairly long lap it should make this round a tough one for the drivers. Will we see a new race winner this week? Will our season 1 champ go well at one of his favourite tracks? With a twilight race and a mandatory pit stop who knows who will come out on top.
Tune in Thursday night live on the kidbyers channel.

Race settings-
8pm- 20 minute qualifying session
8:20- 20 lap race
Race date- 7/4/18 (spring)
Race time- 7pm (19:00)
Mandatory pit stop
Apr 3, 2018
Brno 200 is done and lightly dusted, then glazed and put in the oven for 20 laps of twilight goodness.
That's right, the SRL V8 Supercar APAC League had it's first evening/dusk/night race. Here's some shots of what happened.

* Ignore the fact that most cars don't have lights on in these shots. There must be some sort of graphical limitation when you save a replay of an online race in certain conditions. And as such, headlights weren't lit up properly on all cars, and only my car showed glowing discs under hard braking. All drivers had their lights on and everything was normal during the race.


Kartdude45 and Formula1roks once again share the front row

Nemo9n makes a pass on his team mate, Womp83

Hecker-Koch runs wide and has a spin

Andyholdenv8 is the first to jump into pit lane for new tyres

Formula1roks clobbers the apex tyre bundle on the final corner, most likely due to lag. And sadly disconnects on lap 8, handing the lead to Kartdude45. I noticed F1's car was lagging a lot before he dropped out.

Kartdude45 pits for tyres and repairs to an overheating engine

Wrighty4485 puts a move down the inside HSVDT_15, and gains a spot

V8MAN51 and Kartdude45 had a good battle for a number of laps..

as did Mickysr33 and Andyholdenv8..

and Hecker-Koch and Womp83

But as darkness settled in, it was Waffles_n_Bits who crossed the line for his maiden win.