SRL Project CARS 2 Asia-pacific Leagues Round 4- Spa GP

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Jason Wilkinson

Staff member
Dec 7, 2017

F1roks.. wins again, making it 4 from 4! This time he started from 10th and somehow snatched victory from the claws of truss and kartdude.
Unfortunately truss’ great race was destroyed by a last lap disconnection, he’ll be hoping to make a strong comeback this week as we head over to Spa for our first enduro.
With it been our first enduro this gives the guys who have had a bad run to aim for something, the Enduro Cup.
Although the race will go just under an hour (if it’s dry) it will still be a test of mental endurance as Spa can be a tricky track with some fast corners and heavy braking zones.
Tune in 8pm AEDT for the livestream!

Race settings- date- 21/8/17 (summer)
Time- 17:00 x2
Qualy- 20 minutes
Race- 22 laps
Tyre wear- accelerated
Fuel- on
Damage- performance impacting
Apr 3, 2018
So round 4 and the first enduro round at a soggy Spa Francorchamps is now out of the way, and our drivers can put it behind them and focus on the next race.

With Formula1roks on pole and Jasonwilkinson joining him on the front row, our drivers dig out their life jackets..

in slippery conditions, Wrighty4485 suffers wheelspin off the line and as he struggles for grip, tangles with Kartdude45 who was also struggling.

Nigegunz takes evasive action in response to the incident, and inadvertently bumps into V8man51, who then bumps Mightymurph51, and all 3 drivers come together.

With Mightymurph51 having recovered, his team mate HSVDT_15 has a spin just around the corner, leaving Murph and Womp83 with nowhere to go when they arrive on scene. All drivers involved in the starting mess end up making an early stop for repairs.

Waffles_n_Bits makes a move for position on Fubbles888

Nigegunz goes for a pass on Smokey085, but spins as he exits the corner and gives the wall a kiss. He also gets passed by Andyholdenv8 in the process.

Smokey085 makes an outside pass on Fubbles888..

And with Formula1roks getting the ol' disconnect error in the dying stages of the race, it left Waffles_n_Bits to cross the line for his first win of the season.

Next round we head over to Donnington.