SRL Project CARS 2 Asia-Pacific Leagues Round 3- Sakitto GP

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Jason Wilkinson

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Dec 7, 2017

After a clean sweep of Long Beach for F1roks it puts him 22 points ahead of waffles in P2 after just 3 races! We head over to a challenging track where the drivers have to be committed for the whole entire lap, yes it’s Suzuka time!
This will be the first ever race for SRL at sakitto but not the first trip to Japan, season 1 a young gun called nigegunz in his first race won at Sugo!
Kartdude was missing last week and will be looking to get into the familiar winners circle he spent most of last season in.
Tune in to the kidbyers YouTube channel at 8pm AEDT Thursday to listen to some cracking japanese jokes from kidbyers and robdog!

Race settings-
Qualy- 15 mins
Race- 21 laps
Race date- 28/7/17
Race time- 18:00
Fuel- on
Tyre wear- accelerated
Damage- performance impacting

Tier 2 settings-
All the same besides-
Tyre wear- normal
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Apr 3, 2018
Watashi wa nihongo ga hanasemasen. And with that being said, here's a collection of stills from round 3 at everyone's favourite track that's not Suzuka.

With Formula1roks having a bad qualifying session, and Kartdude45 having a really good one, our drivers await the start.. Truss1984 also starts from the front row.

New recruit Smokey085 runs wide into turn 1, while Fubbles888 and HSVDT_15 tangle further round the corner.

V6man51.. i mean V8man51 drops a wheel off the track and has a spin, doing well to avoid the fence.

Now, here's what you didn't see on the stream. Fubbles888 loses the back end through 130R and has a spin. Smokey085 manages to avoid him, but Womp83 wasn't so lucky.. Both drivers end up making an unscheduled early pit stop for repairs.

Ex-racer turned ex-commentator turned racer Jasonwilkinson, or 'Wilko' as he's affectionately known, runs wide at turn 1 and re-arranges the trackside advertising while Formula1roks has a moment of his own beside him. HSVDT_15 in the background also runs out wide..

Fortunately, Womp83 gets disqualified for speeding in pit lane, while trying to wrastle a bent car in for repairs. Meaning he gets to sit out and no longer take part in the race. It also meant he was able to finally go and have dinner.

Kartdude45 comes across a Nigegunz, who is facing the wrong way after having spun from 2nd place.

Kartdude45 and V8man51 battle for position. I suspect V8man may have had a slightly damaged car or something, as the battle didn't last long before Kartdude passed him.

HSVDT_15 has a spin late in the race, and gets collected by Nigegunz, who had nowhere else to go. HSV's wing can be found on ebay starting at $20, if anyone's interested..

And at the end of a photo recap that was mostly filled with incidents, rather than shots of racing and overtakes, Formula1roks wins the coveted golden kimono. And the race.
Come on people, who's going to stop him? Truss1984 did put up a very good fight, but it wasn't to be.

Next round, our drivers head to Spa for the first of our enduro rounds.