SRL PROJECT CARS 2 Asia-Pacific Leagues announcement thread

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Jason Wilkinson

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SRL Moderator
Dec 7, 2017

Guess who’s back.. back again? SRL is back, for season 4!

Yes that’s right, we are here again for season 4! This time we go back to touring cars where the drivers will be tackling the tricky little Renault Megane V6 Touring car.
All 3 champions of the previous seasons will be back, with a couple tier 2 drivers stepping up to the main game, meaning it should be a cracker of a season!

We will only be doing normal style rounds, meaning no supersprints or enduros!
Qualy sessions will be 15 minutes, and the race will be lapped races that go for around 40 minutes. Damage will be performance impacting with accelerated tyre wear making a return also.

*new rule for tier 1- fastest lap of the race gets 1 additional point, it’s available for all finishing positions.

We still have spots available for tier 2 so if you’re keen on that sign up below putting in your psn username.

Tier 1/2: If there is a tier 1 driver during the season who is unable to race, the championship leader of tier 2 will get the option to jump into tier 1 for that race (his points will go towards to his tier 2 championship. If he doesn’t want to race then we’ll go down the order until we get someone who does.

Track list-

R1- Red bull ring GP (25 laps @7pm)
R2- Brno GP (19 laps @6pm)
R3- Nurburgring GP (20 laps @6pm)
R4- Brands Hatch GP (26 laps @4pm)

*2 week break*

R5- Silverstone international (36L @4pm)
R6- Oulton Park GP (24 laps @6pm)
R7- Zolder GP (25 laps @7pm)
R8- Texas Road (30 laps @8pm)

*1 week break*

R9- Silverstone Classic (27laps @4pm)
R10- Laguna seca (28 laps @5pm)
R11- Watkins Glen GP (23 laps @7pm)
R12- Bathurst (21 laps @6pm)

*all events are at default date besides Bathurst which will be set in the spring*
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