PS4 SRL GT Sport Asia-Pacific Leagues - Points, Lobby Settings and Additonal information (Season 1)

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Nov 29, 2017

Point Settings:
1st. 30
2nd 27
3rd 24
4th 22
5th 20
6th 18
7th 16
8th 14
9th 12
10th 10
11th 8
12th 6
13th 4
14th 3
15th 2
16th 1

Room Settings
Room Mode: Practice/Race
Room Privacy: Friends Only
Room Name: SRL GT SPORT Asia Pacific
Race Type: Race for Real
Fixed Room Ownership: No (Yes may be selected if the Host has reliable internet)
Max. Number of Participants: 16
Minimum Driver Rating: --
Minimum Sportsmanship Rating: --

Track Settings
Track: as per the Official Season Calendar
Select Conditions: as per the Official Season Calendar
No. of Laps: as per the Official Season Calendar

Race Settings
Start Type: Grid
Grid Order: Fastest First
Boost: Off
Slipstream Strength: Real
Visible Damage: off
Mechanical Damage: Light
Tyre Wear: X5
Fuel Depletion: X2
Initial Fuel: 35 Litres
Grip Red. on Wet Track/Track Edge: Real
Race Finish Delay: 180 sec

Regulation Settings
Filter by Category: Group 3 Mazda Atenza Only.
Balance of Performance: On
Power Limit: Stock BHP
Weight: Stock Kg
Maximum Tyre Rating: Supersoft
Minimum Tyre Rating: Mediums
Livery Restrictions: No Limit (HOWEVER, crude liveries may result in DSQ or more penalties)
Car Number Type: No Limit
Assign Car Numbers Automatically: None
Kart Usage: Off.

Penalty Settings
Ghosting During Race: None
Shortcut Penalty: Reduced.
Wall Collision Penalty: None
Wall Collision Detection: Default
Side Contact Penalty: Off
Correct Vehicle Course After Wall Collision: Off
Replace Cars When they Leave the Track: Off
Flag Rules: On

Limit Driving Options
Countersteering Assistance: Prohibited
Active Stability Management (ASM): Prohibited
Driving Line Assist: No Limit
Traction Control: No Limit
ABS: No Limit
Auto-Drive: Prohibited.
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SRL Coordinator
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Nov 29, 2017
EDIT: In the event of a car frozen on the grid. The car frozen on the grid will need to call for a restart in the chat so we can restart the lobby. if they are stuck for the second time they will be asked to turn the ps4 off and leave the lobby. - Note that if your car causes a restart you will be placed at the rear.

  • A 1 Lap race will occur before Quali to ensure that others will not freeze in the race. from there the next session will be the Quali session.
  • After 15 Minutes has finished. cars will be required to wait at the end of the first corner and post in the chat how many cars they can see. this way if everyone has the same amount cars to stop these issues.