XB1 SRL F1 2017 Leagues - XB1 Tier Placements (Season 5)

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Jun 19, 2017
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Welcome to the driver placements for Season 5 of Supreme Racing League on the Xbox One! Below you will find the official placements for Season 5!

The Time Trials were very close so we expect a very competitive field in F1. Our main deciding factor was the time trials at the various tracks in different track conditions. We feel that we have crafted some very competitive fields and we hope that we will see some great racing next season.

All races for F1 and F2 will be streamed over on www.twitch.tv/supremerlf1 and we hope you will join us over there on Thursdays and Fridays for some exciting action!

Please note that this order is NOT the order for car selections this is simply in order of the times in TT! That is a different order that will be chosen randomly, as we think that is a good way to spice up the field, instead of fastest getting first pick.

Below are the placements for F1 and F2 of SRL!

2017-09-30 (13).png

We hope that you are happy with your tier placements as we have done this to the best of our abilities and we feel we have placed people in the right places! Please make sure you check your league forum for the car selection thread where you will be able to list your favorite car choices for Season 5! We are excited to get to racing and we hope you are too! See you all on track on Thursday 5th October for F2 and Friday 6th October for F1!

If you have any queries about next season then feel free to contact any of these admins below:

Head Admin - @Kahmundo

F1 -
@Meloni (Main F1 Admin)
@Allrounder x
@David Gilmour

F2 -
@BosslyGaming (Main F2 Admin)
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