PS4 SRL Europe PS4 GT Sport - Sign up

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Jul 20, 2017
SRL Europe PS4 GT Sport - Sign up

After many successful seasons of SRL on the Formula One platform, we are excited to open sign-ups for the new chapter in SRL with a European GT Sport league for the very first time.

As always with league racing, rules are there to ensure everyone races fairly. These are not to take the fun out of league racing by any means, but to race we expect all drivers to abide by them to ensure everyone can have a great time.

With that out of the way, these are the details:
  1. Lobby settings are as follows:
*Lobby will open 10mins before the start of Qualifying to allow time for people to turn up.​
Lobby host is: redjams22. *back up host yet to be confirmed.

  • Room Mode: Practice/Endurance Race (Please note that Qualifying will start at 7pm on the dot, anyone going to track before 7pm will be investigated and likely penalised.)
  • Room Name will be as follows: SRL GT Sport Round….
  • Time limit (Length of the race) will be *30 Minute(s) (*Could change after the test session)
  • Start Type will be grid start so getting a good start is key.
  • Visible damage will be off whilst Mechanical Damage will be set to light.
  • *Fuel depletion will be set to 2x, Tyre wear 4x and starting fuel at 50% (Could change after the test session)
  • Slipstream strength will be set to real, boost will be turned off and Grip reduction on wet track/Track edge which will be set to Real.
  • Race Finish delay will be on 60secs allowing time for drivers to finish.
  • Of course, the category will be Gr.x as the selected car we are racing in is the Red Bull Junior 2014.
  • BOP (Balance Of Performance) is not avalible, so ALL CARS MUST STICK TO 100% ON POWER AND WEIGHT. (If not followed then an instant DSQ will be given. Before the race starts this will be checked by the lobby host in the participants menu).
  • Tyre's will be Racing Super Softs and Racing Softs.
  • Tuning will be allowed
  • Please do choose the number you want on your car and stick with that number if you can.
  • Penalty Settings are as follows - Ghosting during race: None, Wall collision penalty: Time penalty (weak), Side contact penalty: None (*Is a bit glitchy now so may change), Flag Rules: On and Correcting Vehicle Course After Wall Collision: Off.
  • Driving Limit Options (Assists) - Counter steering Assistance: Prohibited, Active Stability Management (ASM) Prohibited, Driving Line Assist: No limit, Traction Control: No limit, ABS: No limit and Auto-Drive Prohibited.

  1. This league has a maximum of 15 full-time drivers, excluding reserves and streaming slots.
Note: There will be a pre-season race before the season begins. This is to test lobby settings. The above lobby settings are for now provisional and depending on the outcome of this pre-season race, may change.

Race times are at 7pm GMT (UK Time) / 7pm GMT+1 (from the w/c 07/05/18) on Tuesday weekdays. You would be expected to be able to attend most or all of these races. (1-3 absences with valid reasons are perfectly acceptable)
  • Driver placements:
    • Teams Will be completely optional, So, for instance, you would like to form a team to enter the team's championship you must simply state who is a part of your team/squad. You can choose to be a part of a squad or remain a single privateer. Here are some examples of how this structure would work.
      • Squad of 4 = 2 separate teams (Similar to Nissan motorsport and Prodrive)
      • Team of 2 (Normal Structure)
      • Team of 3 (2 nominated drivers apart from the driver championship with an additional car entry)
      • Or a single car privateer Entry.
        Note that there will be a thread for this at a later date.
  • Assists: For now, this will be ABS, TC and the racing line allowed. If we see demand for multiple tiers, we will have 1 tier with just ABS, and another with ABS, TC and racing line.
  • Calendar: There will be 8 polls posted in due course in a forum thread, to decide 8 tracks for a total of 8 rounds in the season.
Sign-up process:

Signing up means you have read the above, and agree to abide by league rules, and you will be able to attend the majority of races for the season at the specified time.

Please respond to this thread with the following:
  • Your PSN name
    • This is the username you use to sign-in to PlayStation Network
  • Nationality
    • We welcome everyone who lives in the Europe region. People outside Europe can not race in this tier unless explicitly told otherwise.
  • Confirmation that you can attend every race
    • If not, which dates can you not attend (if you can specify). If more than three, we'd recommend signing up to be a reserve driver
  • Assists used
    • If you use any assists or intend to use them, please state them. As some tiers have varying levels of assist availability, we want to place you into a tier you will be comfortable in.
  • Twitter handle/username
    • Twitter is not mandatory but is used as the social media platform of choice for fellow league racers
  • SpeedTest result
    • You need a stable (not necessarily fast) internet connection to be able to race. Lag can cause frustrating incidents in races online
    • Test your internet speed at towards a UK server (if you reside outside of the UK, please test to London)
  • Please state whether you are signing up as a reserve driver
You can use this template:
● PS4 PSN:
● Nationality:
● Have you read and understood the SRL Rules?
● Assists used:
What two tracks will you like to vote for?
● What number do you wish to use?
● Speedtest result towards a UK server (Insert the link of the result):

Thanks all and we look forward to a great season.

Confirmed Sign-ups:
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Mar 26, 2018
United Kingdom
● PS4 PSN: AORGizmo
Nationality: British
● Have you read and understood the SRL Rules? Yes
● Assists used: ABS, TC
What two tracks will you like to vote for? Any
● What number do you wish to use? Any
● Speedtest result towards a UK server: Attach File


Aug 11, 2017
PS4 PSN: W415IS77
● Nationality: British/Congolese
● Have you read and understood the SRL Rules? Yes
● Assists used: TC 2 ABS Default
What two tracks will you like to vote for? Nurburgring and Brands Hatch
● What number do you wish to use? 77
● Speedtest result towards a UK server (Insert the link of the result): Check out my Speedtest result! How fast is your internet?


SRL Coordinator
Staff member
Aug 11, 2017
● PS4 PSN: redjams22
Nationality: British
● Have you read and understood the SRL Rules? Yes
● Assists used: ABS
● What two tracks will you like to vote for? Any
● What number do you wish to use? 8
● Speedtest result towards a UK server:
Apr 18, 2018
PSN: Real__ItsDanester
Nationality: British
Assists: ABS, Cones & TC - 1
Have you read and understood SRL rules? Yes
What two tracks will you like to vote for? Brazil & Brands Hatch
What number do you wish to use? 11
Speedtest results towards a UK server: Screenshot_2018-04-19-03-46-32.png