XB1 SRL America F1 2018 Leagues - Sign Up (Season 2)

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Apr 8, 2017

SRL F1 2018 - American Leagues Sign Up
After a long & needed break from F1 2017, we are excited to announce SRL's 7th season on the Official F1 game from Codemasters. It's to time to prepare for a season full of clean, fair & competitive racing, where new faces to the racing scene will be introduced, and where experienced racers will be fighting for the pride of being the next new champion. The first season on the new F1 2018 game will consist of the full 21 Race Calendar beginning in October and finishing the season in late March.

The SRL American leagues gather drivers living in the American region. If you live in Australia or Europe, we also have seperated leagues for those regions.

**Sign Up deadline is set to 7th October, 21:00pm EDT**

League Format:
  • Our league structure is, as usual, judged by the more skilled drivers in the top tiers and the less skilled drivers in the middle & buttom tiers.
  • Each race will consist of a 50% race with an 18-minute qualifying with Safety Car, Dynamic Weather, Strict Mode & Full Damage.
  • Driver placements will be decided on the amount of assists you use & the Time Trial event that every driver needs to complete.
  • Each race will be held on Mondays, 20:00pm (EDT)
  • Assists restrictions will be based on the amount of assists the drivers use - the top tier will have as few assists as possible.
  • As something new, assists leagues will be an option for drivers that are heavily dependent on assists.

(The season will have two breaks: 2 week Christmas break & 1 week break after R17)
*Be aware that changes to the calendar can occur due to different reasons & if so, admins will notify your tier*

As always, normal league racing rules will apply, not to take the fun out of it, but to ensure fair & clean racing. *Therefore you must read and agree to abide our rules in order to participate*


Sign Up:
Signing up means you have read the above, agreed to abide by our rules and and will be to attend the majority of the races in the season.

Reply to this thread by filling all the fields in the following template:
  • Gamertag: (Xbox Gamertag)
  • Nationality: (Enter your nationality here)
  • Read and understood the SRL rules?: (Yes or No)
  • Assists used: (Be specific on every assist you are planning to use)
  • Twitter handle: (This is not mandatory)
  • Time Trial results: (Post your time trial results here)

Time Trial:
Once you have signed-up, you are required to complete time trial laps at two tracks (each selected for their varying types and difficulty). These tracks are Spain (dry), & Belgium (dry). The Mercedes car must be used, and Traction Control & ABS must be disabled. Once completed, you insert screenshots (end of the session screen) of your results in your sign up reply (edit your reply and insert the screenshots). Time Trial times need to be your Sessions Best Time and not your Personal Best. This is due to the various patches which affects the results.

**Time Trial event does not count for Traction Control & ABS users - Depending on high enough interest, assists leagues will be made for assists drivers**

If you have any questions that didn't get answered here regarding #SRLSeason7, please respond to this thread with your question(s). We hope you are very much interested in racing in SRL's F1 2018 leagues & we can't wait to get started.

Drivers signed up are listed below.
  • Gamertag - Nationality - Assists used - Twitter - TT done?
Ed Toronja - Colombian - None - @Daniel_Serpa - Not yet
Sahalanthropuss - Canadian - None @Sahalanthropuss - Yes

- Kahmundo & SRL admin team
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