SRL Acura GT3 Info Thread

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Jason Wilkinson

Staff member
Dec 7, 2017
-Acura NSX GT3 only
-15 min qualy for all races
-1 hour timed race
-Tyre wear accelerated, tracks that are dry will be made to make it low track temp so soft tyres get used, they wear a lot so there’ll be strategy inplay.
-Rolling starts- to be tested.
-NO mandatory pit stop.
-Damage- performance impacting
- realistic assists
-Two tiers

Lcloud= light cloud
Mcloud=medium cloud
Dates are set by season.

Round 1- Monza GP (23/5) (dry)
Settings- Lcloud/ 1/3/2019 (spring)-16:00

Round 2- Zolder GP (30/5) (dry to wet)
Settings- Mcloud to ligh rain(x2 weather progression) 4/9/17 (spring) 17:00

Round 3- Fuji GP (6/6) (dry)
Settings- Lcloud/ 27/4/17 (spring) -17:00

Round 4- Long Beach (13/6)(twilight/dry)
Settings- Lcloud 1/12/17 (winter) -17:00

Round 5- Bathurst (20/6) (dawn-dusk)
Settings- Mcloud 1/9/2019 (spring)
5:00 start- time progression x10