PC PC APAC Austria - Lap 13 turn 7 nudged into spin and hit again

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May 3, 2019
  • Console and Tier: PC APAC F1
  • Coordinator: @Pencil
  • Date of Incident: 10/5/2019
  • Member(s) Involved: @Gorskorr, @reyn
  • Description of Incident: Reyn enters the corner far to close to my rear end, nudges my rear end and the car spins, at which stage he hits it again. Loss of 3 positions and significant time. After considering more race footage this morning there is no way this car spun on its own, wear was around 30% according to commentator and there was no deg. The only thing that was there was Reyn, right up there. Then he intentionally DNF's on track.
  • Evidence of Incident:
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