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Mar 31, 2019

SRL F1 2018 Leagues - Main Thread

Welcome to the main thread of the PS4 F1 League where any general information regarding the tier will be posted in this thread. If you have any general questions about the tier, it's on this thread or in your PS4 group chat you will post them. *It is certain that the league coordinators will notice your message on this thread opposite to PSN*

Hello Drivers. Welcome to Supreme Racing League on Sony PlayStation 4. This season we are back on Formula 1 2018 by Codemasters. After a break last season due to insufficient amount of sign ups, we are back better and stronger! Below is all the information YOU need to know coming into this season.

Day: Saturday
Time -
CEST: 21:00
MSK: 22:00

Qualifying: Short Qualifying Session

A short qualifying session will be used for the forthcoming season including a 18 minute session for drivers to post their fastest time possible and reserve themselves highest grid slot position possible for the build up to the race.

Race: 50% Race Distance

50% race distance will be used for Season 8 of Supreme Racing League on PlayStation 4. The race will take roughly 40-50 minutes worth of time. Drivers must make sure to record their races for any Steward enquiries or evidence for incidents.

If during the start race phase there is a mass disconnection or a huge crash(6 or more cars), the League Admin will approve a restart to the race with usage of Manual Grid Order according to the qualifying results. If a Driver within Top 10 changes tyre compound, the stewards will be told about it and there might be further action on the driver taken going forward.

Weather: Real Life Weather

The weather will be referenced to Real Life weather conditions in nearest geographical location possible. Coordinator of the league will announce the Weather that will be used for the race 24 hours before the official race start time.

Example: Let’s take Italy for example.

So on Friday night the Coordinator will look at the weather for Monza, Italy. We are looking at the RACE DAY and the time of the race.
bandicam 2019-04-09 10-24-59-010.jpg
As you can see we are looking at the Saturday. The forecast it saying Rainy conditions. Chance of rain is 60% so the race will be held in Light Rain conditions.
A breakdown of how weather will play this season.

Clear: 0-19%
Light Cloud: 20-39%
Overcast: 40-59%
Light Rain: 60-79%
Heavy Rain: 80-100%

Additional Lobby Settings

Session Start Time: Official Race Time
Car Performance: Equal
Parc Fermé: On
Damage: Full
Collisions: On
Safety Car: On
Corner Cutting Stringency: Strict
Formation Lap: On
Race Starts: Manual


Following assists will be BANNED for the up coming season.

Braking Assist
Pit Assist
Pit Release Assist
Automatic ERS

Which means the following assists will be ALLOWED.

Automatic Gears
Anti-Lock Breaks
Traction Control
Racing Line

Group Chat and Chat Rules

Coordinator @mrstim96 (PSN: mrstim96) will make a PSN Group Chat with all participating Drivers this season. If you CAN NOT make a Grand Prix, please inform League Coordinator in the PSN chat at least 2 hours before the official race time.

Lobby Host and Lobby Information

Lobby host: mrstim96 - MAKE SURE YOU ADD HIM
Lobby Creation Time: 19:45 GMT
Qualifying Start Time: 20:00 GMT
If a member is asking for a maximum of a 10 minute delay with a valid reason then the Qualifying Session will start at 20:10 GMT.

This is all the information you need to know for the upcoming season of Supreme Racing League on Sony PlayStation 4.

Thank you everyone and we will see you on track ;)
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Mar 31, 2019

After reviewing some ideas put forward by some members we are slightly changing the weather section for the race.

Weather will now be according to Real Life and Real Session Day!

So as Qualifying is on Saturday, we will use Real Life weather forecast for Saturday.

As Race is in real life is on Sunday, we will use Sunday weather forecast for the race time!

This will make more sense doing it so just make sure you look out for weather forecasts.

Also this is the App you can get on App Store on iPhone we will base the weather from.

The app is called Weather: Weather forecast.

It’s easy to use so if you got an iPhone you can always check the weather we will roughly use.

Link to the app:
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