XB1 Incident with Matt212

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Jan 21, 2018
Console and Tier: XB1 Cup
Coordinator: (@BosslyGaming and @antivebeacon )
Date of Incident: 19/2
Member(s) Involved: @Matt212
Description of Incident: I tried to hold the outside line and he went straight on pushed me onto the grass and I spun as a consequence
Evidence of Incident:
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XB1 Classics S1 Champion
Aug 19, 2017
Firstly the naming of this thread i find to be worryingly immature,
in terms of the actual incident though Josh throughout both races was far more aggressive than i personally felt was fair, moving under braking, squeezing me, late changes down the straight and more, we come out of turn 4 side by side and there is still a good distance personally i felt alongside my car, into turn 5 he should have backed out, its not a corner you can go side by side through, hes on the outside nd at that point should understand the corner is not his, just like i had to multiple times, also the fact that his cockpit angle does not show any mirrors whatsoever i feel just further shows the lack of special awareness you can have in these races, its lap 5 of 5, im on the inside, he can barely see my car and has been constantly aggressive, you cant try to commit to a corner that isnt yours and should have backed out.
will post up footage asap


XB1 Classics S1 Champion
Aug 19, 2017
timestamps from the video:
0:00 late change under braking
0:20 squeezes me off track
0:29 changes direction down the straight and under braking repeatidly
0:44 once again small darting movements down the straight, i go to the inside and just as i move back to the outside he cuts in (would have been a crash had i not backed out)
0:58 nearly runs himself into the wall
1:28 once again nearly ran off the road
1:35 even as im backing out he cuts inFront of me up to turn 5 which once again is very late into the braking zone
2:18 squeezes me right to the outside of the circuit in which i could have easily been ran off the road
2:40 tries to block me, i keep my foot in so eventually he gives me some room
3:08 moves again down the straight and when i get to the inside he massively sharpens his run
4:11 he runs wide out of t2, i go to the inside and he shuts the door when im there and then once again swipes my front end so he can get back to the inside.

as for the final incident i do feel there is a slight de-sync where it pushes him out wide after i've already turned in but the car hasnt registered, i could have turned in a bit early but due to running as little aero as possible its not the easiest thing to manage,
overall i personally feel the move i made was fair considering all of the aggressive defensive manoeuvres made by Josh and personally feel if it had been the other way round he would be quite rightly very upset if i had pulled some defensive plays like that, especially as previously mentioned considering he cant see his mirrors


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Jun 19, 2017
Hey chaps,

After reviewing all the videos provided we have decided NFA for that incident. It’s clear that some desync was involved, and @Matt212 did also have the corner

However @Josh Nie is warned about the severe unsportsmanlike conduct, further behaviour will lead to further punishments

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