PC EU PC Split 2 - WojtekTygrys77 thinks he's driving MotoGP

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Dec 9, 2018
  • Console and Tier: EU PC Split 2
  • Coordinator: @hyperzz
  • Date of Incident: April 26th 2019
  • Member(s) Involved: @WojtekTygrys77
  • Description of Incident: Apparently @WojtekTygrys77 was thinking he was driving a Motorcycle game, as multiple times during the race, he was taking the alternative routes on the track. As this is not the usual route for F1-races, this is very unexpected behavior if someone tries to lap him, which makes it very dangerous. He got lapped multiple drivers and finished 3 laps down. As my teammate got hit by him in the final sector (he said he got hit on purpose), I honestly thought he was gonna drive into my sidepod in the final lap.
  • Evidence of Incident:
Lap 24 back straight and hairpin (see mini-map for the pink dot):

Same goes for the last lap of the race, which was very tricky at the hairpin when I tried to lap him (again). You can see how close it was on the radar of my telemetry screen, just above the mini-map:
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