PC EU PC Split 2 - RollsRoyce forcing his way through

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Dec 9, 2018
  • Console and Tier: PC EU Split 2
  • Coordinator: @hyperzz
  • Date of Incident: April 19th 2019
  • Member(s) Involved: @OCR RollsRoyce
  • Description of Incident: In turn 4, @OCR RollsRoyce went for a gap that didn't exist. He tapped my rear right tyre, making me oversteer. He took advantage of that and took my position. This is unacceptable overtaking and he should have given me back the position. His front tyre was not alongside my sidepod so he had no right to be there. On my telemetry, you can see the radar just above the mini-map. The red dot is me. @OCR RollsRoyce was not alongside by a long shot.
  • Evidence of Incident:

Not open for further replies.