PC EU PC Split 2 - Crashing out on purpose

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Dec 9, 2018
  • Console and Tier: EU PC Split 2
  • Coordinator: @hyperzz
  • Date of Incident: May 3rd 2019
  • Member(s) Involved: @WojtekTygrys77
  • Description of Incident: It's not personal, but I just don't like people performing actions like this. It looks like @WojtekTygrys77 crashed into the pit wall on purpose, ending his race, taking a huge risk of bringing out the safety car. His dot on the mini-map was going full speed and suddenly stopped at the point where the pitlane starts. I can't find it in the rules that this is not allowed. But I can't imagine the stewards just letting this happen without any consequences.
  • Evidence of Incident:
Not open for further replies.