PC EU PC Italy - Dangerous rejoin Overspeed

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Dec 9, 2018
  • Console and Tier: EU PC Split 2
  • Coordinator: @hyperzz
  • Date of Incident: June 7th 2019
  • Member(s) Involved: @overspeed
  • Description of Incident: After Peyzar was the one who made the usual turn 1 of Italy-mayhem possible, @overspeed had to cut the chicane. But he did it in such fashion that he hit me while returning onto the track, while I already was on the far right side. This made my car unstable while I was finding traction. It slowed me down and eventually pushed me back to P4 as JSR overtook me. You can see it happening both from the cockpit and from the radar-widget of my telemetry.
  • Evidence of Incident:
Not open for further replies.