XB1 18 sec penalty removal

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Apr 15, 2019
  • Console and Tier: XB1 APAC
  • Coordinator: @WARDENN99
  • Date of Incident: 4 oct
  • Member(s) Involved: (@NZL Venom )
  • Description of Incident: 3 penalty removals
  • 3 sec penalty : venom goes defensive into t1(idk why??) and is really really slow on the apex, i backed out and cut the corner to avoid contact getting a 3 sec penalty NOTE the penalty was given straight and not a result of multiple warnings
  • 10 sec penalty : i overtook venom on the mistral straight and into the chicane he completely divebombed me and left no room and pushed me off the track so i cut the chicane to avoid any further contact at the next corner
  • 5 sec penalty : got given a 5 second penalty for illegal overtake on venom when i was already ahead of him before the divebomb, i would also like to add that i lifted to avoid gaining any time on the car ahead
  • If the penalties get removed i should be behind grizzy but in front of goldpower
  • Evidence of Incident:


APAC Chief Boss
Staff member
Jul 12, 2017
3 second penalty: Penalty stays as contact with @NZL Venom could have been avoided. Penalty could have also been avoided by lifting off or not straight-lining turn 2.
10 second penalty: There was no problem with how @NZL Venom behaved into the chicane, his car was ahead and it was his corner. 10 seconds reduced to 3 as 10 seconds is just unfair.
5 second penalty: Penalty stays as an overtake was made off track and the position was not re-addressed.
Position update after penalties are re-applied: 10th.
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