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  1. Jason Wilkinson

    PS4 SRL Project CARS 2 Season 3 sign up- GTE

    After two successful seasons on Project CARS 2, why not have a third? Let’s ramp it up.. it’s GTE time! After many choices and decisions on what car/s we would run for season 3, the GTE class has been selected. We welcome back the endurance rounds and after season 2 in the V8 Supercar, we als...
  2. Rohan_Rao_02

    Wish to join a League

    Hello! My PSN ID is Rohan_Rao_02 and I want to race in the SRL PS4 league. I am from India and I use no assists except for corner line only. Are there any spots left?
  3. Jason Wilkinson

    SRL Project CARS 2 Asia-Pacific Leagues V8 Supercar Sign up thread (Season 2)

    The Project CARS 2 V8 Supercar league taking place Thursday nights 8pm AEST. Cars- V8 Supercar Rules- tyre wear ON -Fuel ON -Damage- visual -All assists allowed -In game rules set to ON besides drive through penalties. -Manual pit will be on, meaning the driver will have complete control of...
  4. Jason Wilkinson

    SRL Project CARS 2 GT3 Asia-Pacific leagues- Round 8 Bathurst (season 1)

    After a short, sharp but action packed season it’s time for the much anticipated finale at everyone’s favourite track, Mount Panorama. With the shake n bake boys in formula1roks and V8man51 wrapping up the teams championship it’ll be all gloves off for who takes the inaugural SRL GT3 drivers...
  5. Jason Wilkinson

    SRL Project CARS 2 GT3 Asia-Pacific Leagues- Round 7 Belgium GP (season 1)

    The Japanese leg of the championship is now done and dusted with V8man getting the win over robdog and nigegunz, some big upsets with formula1roks disconnecting, kartdude and subgtracer finishing just in the points which makes it very unlikely for them to win the championship now, with V8man...
  6. Jason Wilkinson

    SRL Project CARS 2 Asia-Pacific Leagues- Round 5 Sugo GP (Season 1)

    It’s time now to move over to the Japanese leg of the series where this week the drivers tackle the fast and tricky Sportsland Sugo circuit. After an epic battle between v8MAN51 and nigegunz for 3rd last week will we see another great fight between them? Will formula1roks cruise to victory for...
  7. Jason Wilkinson

    SRL Project CARS 2 GT3 Asia-pacific Leagues- Round 3 Daytona Road (Season 1)

    After a very eventful race at Watkins glen, the drivers head over to the last leg of the American SRL road trip at the world famous Daytona Road circuit. Not only is it round 3 but the first mini enduro of the season, where drivers will have a longer race which should take around 45 mins and...
  8. Gauche

    Stepping things up a gear! SRL Season 5 Introduction

    SRL SBUAN submitted a new blog post Stepping things up a gear! SRL Season 5 Introduction [cs_content][cs_section parallax="false" separator_top_type="none" separator_top_height="50px" separator_top_angle_point="50" separator_bottom_type="none" separator_bottom_height="50px"...