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  1. Jason Wilkinson

    SRL Project CARS 2 GT3 Asia-pacific Leagues- Round 3 Daytona Road (Season 1)

    After a very eventful race at Watkins glen, the drivers head over to the last leg of the American SRL road trip at the world famous Daytona Road circuit. Not only is it round 3 but the first mini enduro of the season, where drivers will have a longer race which should take around 45 mins and...
  2. Jason Wilkinson

    SRL Project CARS 2 GT3 Asia-Pacific - Leagues Round 1 Long Beach - (Season 1)

    It’s finally time for the first ever SRL Project CARS 2 round, what a challenging track to begin with in long beach, with the track not only being bumpy and tight, the drivers will have to adapt to the change in light as darkness sets in, this will not only be visibly harder on the drivers but...
  3. Jason Wilkinson

    Practice Round 2- Road America

    After a pretty eventful Practice round 1 at COTA, we’ve revised the rules/options and going to try something new for this round. Updated game options: Tyre wear- ON Fuel depletion- ON Damage- OFF Rules- on besides drive through penalties Road America in game race date/time- default date with...