f1 2017

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  1. Rohan_Rao_02

    Wish to join a League

    Hello! My PSN ID is Rohan_Rao_02 and I want to race in the SRL PS4 league. I am from India and I use no assists except for corner line only. Are there any spots left?
  2. S

    Is it too late to join any leagues?

    Hi there, I'm Steve, newly signed up here. Not sure how it all works. I'm looking to join a F1 2017 league for Xbox one, is it too late to join any, if so when is the next opportunity to join a league? I am new to online gaming, but have been a gamer most of my adult life, always loved racing...
  3. BosslyGaming

    Do people think Codies will pull off the Classic Cars well

    Just wondering whether people think Codemasters will do the classic cars well :);)