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  1. Gorskorr

    PC SRL F1 2018 Leagues - PC APAC F1 Round 06: British Grand Prix [17/05/2019]

    Apologies. I'm also unable to attend tonight, have the in laws over and they'll be sleeping in my computer room during race time. Just a one off.
  2. Gorskorr

    PC PC APAC Austria - Lap 13 turn 7 nudged into spin and hit again

    Console and Tier: PC APAC F1 Coordinator: @Pencil Date of Incident: 10/5/2019 Member(s) Involved: @Gorskorr, @reyn Description of Incident: Reyn enters the corner far to close to my rear end, nudges my rear end and the car spins, at which stage he hits it again. Loss of 3 positions and...
  3. Gorskorr

    PC Car Selection Thread

    @Gorskorr - Gorskorr - New Zealander 1.Mclaren 2. Mclaren 3. .........................williams T.T
  4. Gorskorr

    Supreme Racing League - XB1, PS4 & PC F1 Leagues Sign Up (Season 8)

    Platform & region: APAC PC Gamertag: Gorskorr Nationality: Kiwi Have you read and understood the SRL rules?: Yes Did you complete Season 7?:No Assists: Racing line (Corners only) ABS, Auto & Med TC Speedtest result: