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  1. ShadowJake

    Announcement SRL PC Europe // Season 9.5 Sign-Up Thread // Wednesdays @ 21:00 CEST

    Did you race in PC Europe's original Season 9? YES Are you able to fully commit to a full season of racing in SRL? YES Gamertag: Shadow Nationality: UK Have you read and understood the SRL rules?: YES Assists: NONE *Speedtest result: *Time Trial Results:
  2. ShadowJake

    PC PC F1 Britain - Taken out twice by Leman

    Inquiry Template Console and Tier: PC F1 Coordinator: @Julien2395 @hyperzz Date of Incident: 17/05/2019 Member(s) Involved: ERL_Leman Description of Incident: As shown in the footage Leman hits me twice during the opening lap showing an aggressive attitude. I weaved before copse to show my...
  3. ShadowJake

    PC SRL F1 2018 Leagues - PC F1 Car & Number Selection (Season 8)

    Car Williams Mercedes Mclaren Ferrari Renault
  4. ShadowJake

    Supreme Racing League - XB1, PS4 & PC F1 Leagues Sign Up (Season 8)

    Platform & region: PC Europe Gamertag: Steam = X S U Nationality: British Have you read and understood the SRL rules?: Yes Did you complete Season 7?: No Assists: No assists Speedtest result: