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    Announcement SRL PC Europe // Season 9.5 Sign-Up Thread // Wednesdays @ 21:00 CEST

    Did you race in PC Europe's original Season 9? Yes Are you able to fully commit to a full season of racing in SRL? Yes Gamertag: Nationality: Ger Have you read and understood the SRL rules?: Yes Assists: None *Speedtest result: SRL Season 9.0 driver...
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    PC EU PC F1 - Penalty removal

    Console and Tier: PC F1 Coordinator: @Julien2395 Date of Incident: 17.05.2019 Member(s) Involved: @Br0wniE Description of Incident: 5 second stop and go for illegal overtake on MARB Evidence of Incident:
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    PC Yollygamer divebomb

    Not much to report, i get a big hit from yollygamers dive and in T2 we are 3 wide and rick gets squeezed in an unfortunate angle, which spins him into me. Race over.
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    PC SRL F1 2018 Leagues - PC F1 Car & Number Selection (Season 8)

    Ferrari Red Bull Renault McLaren Force India
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    Supreme Racing League - XB1, PS4 & PC F1 Leagues Sign Up (Season 8)

    Platform and Region: PC Europe Gamertag: Br0wniE Nationality: Germoney Have you read and understood the SRL Rules?: Yes Did you compete in season 7?: Yes Assists: none Speedtest result:
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    PC SRL PC F1 2018 - European Leagues Sign Up (Season 1)

    Gamertag: Br0wniE Nationality: GER Read and understood the SRL rules?: Yes Assists used: None Discord handle: Br0wniE#8926 Speedtest result: Time Trial results: Did that in DM with Julien