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    PC Chris takes me out on the straight in lap 1

    Console and Tier: APAC F1 Coordinator: @Pencil Date of Incident: 26/4/2019 Member(s) Involved: @chris.2jz and me Description of Incident: Literally turns into me on the straight itself and breaks my entire wing and puts me in last even before the first corner. Evidence of Incident: (View from a...
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    PC Dangerous Reset To Track

    Console and Tier: APAC PC Split 1 Coordinator: @Pencil Date of Incident: (19/4/19) Member(s) Involved: (@CombinedYoutuber ) Description of Incident: He gets caught up in a collision caused by lag and ends up in the wall at turn 2 and immediately resets onto track and two cars ghost through him...
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    PC Lap 1 AlphaBlue carnage

    Console and Tier: (PC APAC Split 1) Coordinator: @Pencil Date of Incident: 12/4/2019 Member(s) Involved: (@hahailham1 and me and literally every car at the back) Description of Incident: Divebombs me from absolutely nowhere, forces me into @KyZa and pushes him off the track, lot of people got...
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    PC APAC Mexico Lap 1 Incident w/ CombinedYoutuber

    Console and Tier: PC, APAC Coordinator: (@Pencil) Date of Incident: (8/3/19) Member(s) Involved: (@Rystle & @CombinedYoutuber ) Description of Incident: Got hit in the rear at turn 5, absolutely destroyed my race, had no proximity arrows indicating there was someone trying to come up the inside...
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    PC SRL PC APAC Incident with Combat Rat

    Console and Tier: APAC PC Tier 1 Date of Incident: 11/1/2019 Coordinator: @Pencil Member(s) involved: @Combat Rat Description of Incident: I do the switchback into turn 1, and hit his front wing, but we both go down to turn 2, there is optimal space on the inside, but he understeers into me and...