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  1. RoscoArm

    XB1 F1 2018 APAC Germany Incident with AllanHugo04

    Console and Tier: XB1 APAC Coordinator: @WARDENN99 Date of Incident: 4/01/2019 Member(s) Involved: Myself and @AllanHugo04488gtb Description of Incident: Going into Turn 2, braked where I normally do, then just get hit up the rear by @AllanHugo04488gtb, get spun around and lose a couple of spots...
  2. RoscoArm

    XB1 SRL APAC Rd 3 China Incident with PresidentCosby

    Console and Tier: APAC XB1 Coordinator: @WARDENN99 Date of Incident: 26/10/2018 Member(s) Involved: @PresidentCosby Description of Incident: Lap 3 going into Turn 11 and @PresidentCosby comes out of nowhere and slams into me, which gives me front wing damage. Also want to add that he got DSQ...
  3. RoscoArm

    XB1 APAC Belgium 10 second time penalty reduced?

    Console and Tier: XB1 APAC Coordinator: @WARDENN99 Date of Incident: 15/06/2018 Member(s) Involved: Myself Description of Incident: Heading into the bus stop chicane, following @Jayden (imdethbr02), I lock up big time trying to avoid contact with imdethbr02, we touch and I cut the...
  4. RoscoArm

    XB1 Incident between ALLRNDCRICKETER and GREEKMASTER99 during SRL APAC F1 Belgium

    Console and Tier: Xbox One, F1 APAC Coordinator: @WARDENN99 Date of Incident: 5/01/2018 Member(s) Involved: ALLRNDCRICKETER and GREEKMASTER99 Description of Incident: Wasn't sure how to do this, but I'm providing my POV that shows an incident where ALLRNDCRICKETER tags GREEKMASTER99 into Turn 1...