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    PC SRL F1 2018 Leagues - PC F2 Car & Number Selection (Season 8)

    1.haas 2. renault 3.toro rosso would like @IcKo as teammate Number 88
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    Supreme Racing League - XB1, PS4 & PC F1 Leagues Sign Up (Season 8)

    Platform & region: PC Europe Gamertag: BTEC SimRacer Nationality: Welsh Have you read and understood the SRL rules?: (Yes Did you complete Season 7?: (Yes Assists: Racing line corners only Speedtest result: (
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    Season 7 German Grand Prix - 04/01/2018 [21:00 CET]

    okay, i dont wanna be that guy and snitch.but i just only wanted to know what the rules would be, anyways thank you
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    Season 7 German Grand Prix - 04/01/2018 [21:00 CET]

    I have a question about T1 track limits, if we go 4 wheels off and the game doesn’t register it does it still count as a track extension/corner cut as the rules do state about only allowing 2 wheels to leave the circuit?
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    PC SRL PC F1 2018 - European Leagues Sign Up (Season 1)

    Gamertag: ITMRacing Nationality: Welsh Read and understood the SRL rules?: Yes Assists used: Racing Line Discord handle: AOR ITM#5134 Speedtest result: Time Trial results: