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    Username change

    Hi, I'd like to change my username into "DanielEpic19". Thank you in advance :)
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    PC SRL Round 5 (Spain) 09/11/2018

    Coordinator: @Julien2395 @Duppy Member(s) Involved: DanielEpic19, Leman Race direction should take a look at these. Car #67 (Leman) changing line dangerously: Car #67 (Leman) hitting the back of car #19 (DanielEpic19) taking him out of the race:
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    SRL PC F1 2018 Leagues - Car & Number Selection (Season 1)

    Car: 1) Ferrari 2) Mercedes 3) Toro Rosso 4) McLaren 5) Haas 6) Renault Number: 1) #19 2) #95 3) #54
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    PC SRL PC F1 2018 - European Leagues Sign Up (Season 1)

    Gamertag: Dinoscardingo859 Nationality: Italian Read and understood the SRL rules?: Yes Assists used: None Discord handle: DeathShot#5585 Speedtest result: Time Trial results: