SRL’s lineups for S3 of ULC!

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We are excited to announce our lineup for Season 3 of ULC on the Xbox One, and also our lineup for the first ever PS4 ULC Season!

Our Xbox One car choice for this season is Scuderia Ferrari, after using Renault in Season 2. Our PS4 car choice is Force India.

Xbox One

Starting with XB1, after a successful season 2 for us in which we finished 2nd in the championship, we can’t wait to get going and push for one more position! Our Tier 1 drivers consist of Feisty Ted, who placed in 7th last season of SRL F1 and is currently 3rd in the championship after 11 races, achieving 6 podiums and a win in the process. He will be alongside rbz1012, who finished runner-up last season in SRL after managing 16 podiums and 4 wins and he is currently 8th in the championship after struggling to attend races, but still having a win in only 4 races. He also raced for us in ULC Tier 1 last season, achieving 3rd in the drivers championship and being a big part of our 2nd place in the league championship. Maranzano AFCA will be our reserve for T1.

Moving onto Tier 2, representing us is II Hotdog28 II who is currently the championship leader in SRL F2, enjoying a comfortable lead while managing 6 poles and 6 wins in 11 races. Alongside him is current F1 driver Meloni88, who finished runner up in GP2 last season managing 14 podiums over the season, 11 of those in a row from Round 11 to Round 21. EVR Fredster332 will be our reserve.

PlayStation 4

Going onto our PS4 lineup now, in the first ever time that ULC has been competed on PS4. Only 1 tier on this platform and we will begin with VRT Skeevan, who is currently 5th in the championship, getting 5 podiums and a win and also getting 5 poles, finishing on the podium in every race he has finished. Alongside him we have mattmeerkat, who has managed 5 podiums and a top 5 finish in every race he has finished.

We can’t wait to get started, and we hope you will tune in to the live streams on the 16th January and for the whole season, and support SRL in our ULC S3 journey!

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