F1 2017 is here! There’s good stuff, but there’s bad stuff as well…

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Hello everyone,

So I was lucky enough to receive my F1 2017 copy this morning, and have been spending my time playing online, racing in a mixture of classic, modern and different distance lobbies.

The first thing that stood out to me was the handling, it’s easily for me one of the things I’m super happy about. Grip is substantially increased and the amount of aero you have is much higher. Of course you’d expect that since it’s mirroring the actual F1 2017 season – but it makes tracks like Suzuka, Britain and even Belgium much more enjoyable. For me, this handling is suiting me much more than F1 2016, or even F1 2015.

Another thing that took my attention was the additional content. It’s mainly small additions – but they make the game feel more complete. In summary, some of the small and welcome additions are:

  • Events on PS4 (and possible Xbox) are now baked right into the game. This should give it much more exposure and the first scenario at least (Max verstappen has a broken front wing, you have to recover to take victory at Spa) is interesting and in depth.
  • Online Lobbies – now feature voting system so the lobby can vote to decide what the next track will be and what type of cars as well will be used (Modern, Classic tier 1 and classics tier 2).
  • Online lobbies also have the XP system back for the first time in a long time. It is also more granular – involving things such as clean laps, position, distance driven, etc. This should make it easier for you to see exactly who you are racing against (i.e a north korean missile into T1 at Monza or the next Lewis Hamilton)
  • The official FOM intro is included for modern races.
  • For me, I’m finding turbo whistle much more evident
  • Audio – fan noise, track commentators from the big screens round the circuit.
  • Online co-op season is back!

So… what’s online like. Overall I’d say average right now. Lag is stable. It’s still evident but it’s certainly acceptable and could be blamed on someone’s internet connection. Wheel to wheel racing is once again possible and I’ve waited to say that now for years. I’m no longer afraid to try an overtake and it’s no longer gonna end up in disaster because of something outside of human control.

The contact model has had a good upgrade. For online again, this means no more demotivating moments where you tap a sidepod of your closest rival, and get spat into a wall. Kerbs are more forgiving (whilst still having less grip), meaning attacking the circuit is much easier.

Now the bad, and unfortunately this list is longer than the good. Luckily, none of the bad is necessarily “game-breaking” in that you can certainly STILL enjoy online in between these glitches.

The first odd bug I had was when I tried to join a session via matchmaking. The game popped up with “Connecting to <PSN NAME>” when joining the lobby. However, clearly the game was in no rush to join said lobby since it never did. In the background I could see the loading screen for the race – but technically I wasn’t in the lobby and the pop-up was still in the way. I had to quit the game and reload just to get away from it. Below is a screenshot :

The game is also crashing sometimes. This has normally happened when loading into qualifying, I think possibly when it’s the first lobby joined. So if you are able to join the lobby when you first start the game, I think future ones are more likely to be fine.

This was well reported by many people over at Twitter – some of the highlights of those below:


Something rather annoying as well (which seems to imply a lack of attention to detail) is the fact that if you crash out of a race online (or probably qualifying for that matter) – the game gives you the single player options, such as “Replay”, “Restart Session” and “Retire”. The latter of which is fine. I posted a video of this issue earlier today to Twitter:

The final major issue I’ve experienced is mass disqualifications. Sweating hard in Belgium, setting what I thought was a blistering lap time (It wasn’t in the end but I’ll gloss over that); the game decided that I should be punished because of my slow pace and decided to disqualify me, and half the field. I did absolutely nothing wrong, no corner cuts, no collisions, NOTHING. Of course in a league race – this would be a massive problem and organisational nightmare.

There are other bugs out there that have been reported. Joe Sayer over at TGPSeries summed those up pretty well:

Obviously, these are very frustrating. Codemasters have responded to these and they have been noted. We can only hope they are rectified sooner rather than later.

Overall F1 2017 has got the most potential so far – if we can get these fixed quickly then it will be easily my favourite game Codemasters have made in recent times. Leagues are going to be fun, competitive and well fought out this year, and I cannot wait to get started.

It’s just a shame it’s currently reminding me of this video from a long long time ago:

– seajamiet

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