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Supreme Racing League is proud to announce the creation of an Asia-Pacific league tier within the organization of SRL. SupremeRL is a well-known, highly regarded Formula 1 racing league that operates across Europe, and contains some of the fastest drivers in the world among its ranks. With the latest announcement of the next edition of the Codemasters officially licensed F1 series, F1 2017™ which is being released in late August, SRL have decided that this is the perfect time to expand its player base to new horizons with the arrival of the new game, with the newly created group consequently named, SRL Asia-Pacific.

I have great pleasure, in announcing this new venture will be headed and managed by GREEKMASTER 99, a seriously quick driver who has proven himself over the years of codemasters F1 games. James has picked up 31 Race wins, 2 championships over a league racing career that started way back on F1 2012. His pedigree and history in F1 league racing is right up there amongst the best of SRL and beyond.
He will be helped along by WARDENN99, a quick, consistent up-an-coming driver who has taken many race wins in competitions around the world, and has made many league admins stand up and take notice of his performances.
Joining them both will be FormulaFish15, another driver with extensive experience in both racing and managing F1 leagues. Luke was a former admin for the now defunct XRL (Xbox Racing League), which at the time was the largest F1 league in Australia. He is also currently involved with ASR (Aussie Sim Racing) and is an Admin, along with being a Tier Coordinator.
Last but not least, ALLRNDCRICKETER has also joined the fray, in an admin role, along with being Chief Publicist for SRL Asia-Pacific. Cameron has compiled various pieces from his short time at ASR, and will be looking to start afresh with his talents in SRL.

Now it time to get down to business, to let you all know the most important information that you need, if you wish to participate in SRL Asia-Pacific.
I must unfortunately state that this tier of SRL is only open to ASIA – PACIFIC DRIVERS ONLY!!! This is to keep our lobby/s competitive and relatively lag free. We must apologize to anyone who is unable to compete due to this ruling, and as that you approach us here at SRL in regards to competing in a league in your region. You will be required to complete a speedtest of your connection to Hobart, Australia. More details will be provided soon on the Sign-up forum.
If you fit with the above, please keep in mind that if you sign up to race with SRL, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of. Upon signing up, you agree to the following

  • That you will be able to complete the full season of SRL Oceania
    That you are able to race regularly on the set race date and time
    That you intend to be active on the SRL Website/Forum
    That you are capable of being a clean, fair, and mature driver

Also be aware that by signing up, you will also be required to read the SRL Asia-Pacific rules, with all included content being understood and agreed to before you can be allowed to participate. By agreeing to the rules and regulations, you accept any consequences or outcomes that may come from any behaviour that is deemed to be breaking the said list. The SRL Asia-Pacific Rules and Regulations will be released in the coming weeks.
We anticipate that our races will happen on either Thursday or Friday Nights at 8pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). The actual day has not as yet been chosen, however we will keep you up to date with all/any changes or updates.
Race distances are 50% with a pre-ceding Short Qualifying of 18 minutes.
Further details regarding Tiers and Assist levels will be released at a date yet TBC.
Please see this link for more details regarding how to sign up, to create an account on the SRL website, and for more details about other competitions that SRL are involved in.

Yours Sincerely

SRL Asia-Pacific Admin Team

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