Stepping things up a gear! SRL Season 5 Introduction

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Hello everyone, and welcome to our unveil of SupremeRL’s Season 5 plans. We have been very excited to unveil these for several months now, and it gives me great pleasure to unveil this very exciting project!

So, where to start? How about 5 of the new introductions we are most excited about.

1- SRL now has both PS4 and Xbox One leagues, with them all taking place on either Thursday or Friday nights.
2- A brand new website, featuring forums, which is fast, responsive, smooth and intuitive to use!
3- Australian league/s on the Xbox One platform
4- Classic cars leagues to take place
5- We welcome Fanatec, our first sponsors!

With a lesser emphasis on twitter, more of SRL’s activity will take place on the forums, these have been built specifically for the tasks required for all our racers, making signups, investigating incidents and discussing with fellow racers far more simple and intuitive.

(Provisional) So when do we start racing? Season 5 of SRL is due to start on the first Friday in October, with Signups open as soon as F1 2017 is released! When signups start, the race to be able to jump in your favourite car begins too! The first to submit their times will be the first racers choosing their favourite cars and teammate.

We can’t wait for this all to take place very soon, and more news will be on the way, but for now, here is some FAQ’s to ensure you are aware of how racing will commence next season!

When will races take place? Answer:

-For our British leagues, Tier 1 and 3 will take place on a Friday, and Tier 2 and Tier 4 (If this takes place) will be on a Thursday. All British timezone leagues will take place at 7PM

-Classic car leagues are due to take place at 7PM UK time on Wednesday

-Our Australian timezone league will take place at 8PM Queensland time (Also 8PM in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Why Season 5? Where did Season 4 on Xbox go? Answer:

-We decided to run with Season 5 as 4 seasons have already been ran on the PS4, and despite only 3 being run on Xbox, jumping straight to the 5th season would avoid confusion. It also fits in nicely with us having 5 big changes for this season.

Can I get involved? Answer:

-Yes, you certainly can! We still have admin signups open, and will also be allocating certain other roles such as stewarding and managing social media in the near future.

That is all for us for now, we look forward to seeing you on track!

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